Audio Transcription

Professional audio typing and transcription services for businesses and individuals. 

In addition to being equipped for transcription from old style Mini, Micro and Standard audio cassettes and CDs, we also transcribe from digital sound files, including WMA, DSS and WAV files, via email, or alternatively by DropBox.

Transcription can be either verbatim, or we can edit the literal transcription into a concise and easily understood text where the speaker’s meaning is clear.   

PLEASE NOTE – we invariably speak much faster than we write or type. It is generally accepted that we can speak four times faster than we can type.

It is a commonly held misconception that it takes one hour to transcribe one hour of recorded tape. This is incorrect.  The industry standard allows ONE hour to transcribe 15 minutes of clearly recorded speech.

It can take a MINIMUM of 4 hours to transcribe a 1 hour tape, and as much as 6 or 8 hours depending on:

  • The quality of the recording
  • The clarity of the voices on the tape
  • The number of people speaking
  • The speed at which they are talking
  • Whether they speak in coherent sentences
  • The degree of regional accents
  • The amount of technical terms involved
  • The position and number of microphones used