What is Outsourcing?

The internet and other technologies, not forgetting Covid19, have changed the way most of us work.   Taking the role of the Personal Assistant is the Virtual Assistant.  “VA”s operate off-site, offering services to individuals or businesses without enough work to justify employing their own permanent admin staff, or indeed do not wish to take on the burden of the many responsibilities of an employer!

VAs are self-employed professionals providing office support to businesses remotely.  VAs are small business owners with the skills of a corporate PA, as well as qualifications and experience gained in a whole range of specialist fields.

VAs are neither temps nor employees but independent contractors who cater to the needs of the individual, small business or large corporation.  They tailor their services to provide office support to enable the client to focus on core tasks, rather than time consuming administrative chores.  They are professional partners, operating from fully equipped offices, who can provide support on one-off projects or on a regular long or short term basis.

VAs have the ability to work independently away from the normal, restrictive office environment.  Almost every task that can be accomplished in an office can be completed virtually.