Why Outsource?

Outsourcing is a familiar concept to many entrepreneurs.  Small companies routinely outsource various types of work, because of insufficient staffing or because there is not enough work to warrant permanent staff.  Large companies tend to turn to outsourcing in order to cut costs. Likewise, individuals and sole traders only require intermittent assistance on an ad-hoc basis.

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant

A VA offers businesses a full range of office support services at a fraction of the true cost of a temp or employee.

A VA can perform time-consuming admin chores enabling you to concentrate on core tasks or on expanding your business.  For businesses run from home, a VA can provide support without invading the privacy of your home.

People who start a small business inevitably handle all aspects of the business themselves.  At some point, however, businesses reach the stage where more time is spent on administration than on generating income.  A VA can assist on an ‘as-needed’ basis to relieve this burden.

A VA can ensure that the small business based at home has access to the same office support system as a large company – without adding to the payroll.  Where a temp agency may supply help, each temp will need your induction, whereas with PBS we will develop a strong one-on-one working relationship.

Using a VA, there are no extras to pay for, you are excused from employee benefits, holiday, overtime, sick pay, bonuses, training, pension, overtime or even lunch breaks!

You would benefit from a VA if:

  • You require only a few hours of support per week or month.
  • You need occasional cover for employees on holiday or sick leave.
  • You need extra business support when your workload increases or you have  periodic or seasonal projects.
  • You spend more time on administrative chores than on revenue generating projects.
  • You don’t want the cost of delegating to a stream of unfamiliar temps.
  • You don’t want the cost, commitment or paperwork involved in using an employee.

Cost Comparison

The services of a VA are extremely cost effective when compared to the true cost of hiring a temp or an employee, which includes the overheads of running an office, employer’s national insurance, benefits and the cost of recruitment.

  •   No additional office space required.
  •   No additional office equipment required.
  •   No computer training necessary.
  •   No recruitment costs and associated HR time
  •   No PAYE responsibilities and liabilities.
  •   No pension costs.
  •   No holiday pay, sick pay, lunch hours, coffee breaks to fund.
  •   Parting is painless, without the legal responsibilities associated with an employee.
  •   You pay only for the hours worked or services provided, not costs incurred for employees’ idle time.
  •   Companies can expand without taking on extra staff.
  •   Releases capital for investment elsewhere in your business.